About Us

We Opened Our Doors in 2012…

with the mission to bring hope and healing to those suffering within our community.

To serve our mission, Bluestone responds to two community needs:

  1. to make it easy for people in our community to access compassionate, professional help as they face challenges in their lives AND
  2. to create a place where a diverse community of highly skilled providers can come together to answer their call to help others.With this in mind, we listened and responded to what would simplify a person’s access to help – our concept of The Power of One.


With the Power of One, you can begin your search and journey:

  • One Website gives you information about multiple, independent providers
  • One phone number or email address begins the conversation to see if any one of us is a good fit for you
  • One location is where you can find access to counseling for yourself, your child, your family, or your relationship and where you can get your questions about mental health medications answered.

Each therapist at Bluestone is an independent contractor. This means each therapist or counselor sets his/her own fees and policies and is wholly responsible for their own clinical work. While providers may refer to one another and work together on some cases, none holds any responsibility or control over the other’s work.

Bluestone provides practice management services to each provider only. This means it manages finances, appointments, billing, office space, and marketing on the behalf of the providers who contract with it. Bluestone has no influence or control over any provider’s policies or procedures, clinical work or record keeping, or schedule.


While we are each practicing independently at Bluestone, we do share a common purpose of working together to bring you the results you are looking for. We share the values of Hope, Honesty and Honor:


To the question we are often asked, “Can this ever get better?” we all answer a resounding, “YES!” Each of us deeply believes that people and lives can get better. When partnered with a caring and skilled clinician who can balance support with the challenge to move toward change, a motivated person can overcome their struggles and create a meaningful and fulfilling life. We know that with commitment to any changes made, your life can be different.


We believe that every human being is going through life with a desire to be happy and that a happy life can be defined or lived out in any myriad of ways. No matter who you are, what you’ve been through, questions you have, or where you come from, you will be treated with dignity and respect by everyone at Bluestone.


We will tell you what our professional training informs us is important for you to hear, even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

We know our skills and strengths and we don’t pretend to be something we are not. We will tell you if we are not the best place to meet your needs and we will make every effort to assist you in finding the help you are looking for.  We are invested in your getting the help you are looking for, not that you get help from us.